Connecting your guitar
to your iPhone

Download "dPLUG" Schematic
If you want to connect your guitar or other equipment to your Iphone for using AmpliTube or similar apps and don't want to buy an overpriced adapter why not build one yourself?

- First get yourself a 4-pin headphone connector (maybe you have an old mobile with some headphones with microphone included, I used one of my N95).

- Unfortunately Apple uses the 2nd ring for "Ground" and supplies a 2,7V DC voltage on pin 4, which has to be pulled down to switch on the input for external equipment (thats what R1 is used for. Not applying this resistor results in sudden stops of input signal or crashes the app!).

- C1 cuts off the DC to our guitar (we don't want DC, lots of noise and strange behaviour of the loudness control - a guitar is made for AC!!)
- P1 is used for adjusting the input level of the external equipment. Adjust to desired level (for AmpliTube turn to lower level until effects  like Wahwah and Envelope Filter work fine)

- Have fun :-)
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